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Surface and Interface Laboratory



Guangwen Zhou

Jonathan Li
PhD candidate

DFT study of methanol oxidation

Peng Mu
PhD candidate

2D nanomaterials assembled
from sequence-defined molecules

Chaoran Li
PhD candidate

Fundamental process of alloy oxidation

Dongxiang Wu
PhD candidate

Xianhu Sun
PhD candidate


Xiaobo Chen
PhD candidate

Jiangu Wang
PhD candidate

Yaguang Zhu
PhD candidate


Zhilu Liang
PhD candidate

Yanxu Zong
PhD candidate

Shyam B Patel
PhD candidate


Shuonan Ye
PhD candidate



Group Alumni


    Dongdong Xiao
    Postdoctoral scholar

    (Present: Professor, Institute of Physics, CAS)

    Hanlei Zhang (PhD, 2014-2019)
    Thesis: Advanced cathode materials for lithium ion batteries
    Present: Professor, Anhui University

    Kuo Liu (MS, 2016-2018)
    Thesis: Segregation induced compositional ordering
    and structural reconstruction
    at Cu-Au alloy surfaces

    Khim Karki
    Postdoctoral Scholar

    Present: Senior Scientist, Hummingbird Scientific

    Lianfeng Zou (PhD 2013-2017)
    Thesis: Atomistic study of the surface and interface dynamics
    Present: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

    Wenhui Zhu (PhD 2012-2016)
    Thesis: E-TEM study of the
    reduction of metal oxides
    Present: Research Engineer, Ford Motor

    Qiyue Yin (PhD 2012-2017)
    Thesis: Fundamental properties of nanoscale Cu/Sn diffusion couples
    Present: Senior Scientist, EAG Laboratories

    Qianqian Liu (PhD 2011-2016)
    Thesis: SPM study of surface oxidation of Cu and Al

    Liang Li (PhD 2009-2015)
    Thesis: Atomistic modeling of the
    oxidation of copper surfaces
    Present: Argonne National Laboratory

    Canying Cai
    Professor, Xiangtan University

    Hailang Qin (2012-2014)
    Postdoctoral Scholar
    Present: South University of Science and Technology of China

    Lu Yuan (PhD 2009-2014)
    Thesis: Growth of 1D oxide nanostructures
    by oxidation of metals
    Present: Senior Engineer, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

    Dapeng Wang (PhD 2008-2012)
    Thesis: Li- and Mn- rich composite
    cathode materials for
    lithium ion batteries
    Present: Senior Engineer, Apple

    Na Cai (PhD 2008-2012)
    Thesis: Oxidation of Al and Cu:
    from oxygen surface chemisorption
    to continuous oxide film growth
    Present: Senior Engineer, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

    Langli Luo (PhD 2008-2012)
    Thesis: Morphological and kinetic study of the initial-stage oxidation
    of Cu and Cu alloys
    Present: Professor, Tianjin University

    Weitao Shan (MS 2014-2016)
    Thesis: DFT study of H2 induced structure evolution of oxygenated Cu(110)
    Present: University of Pittsburgh

    Jinhao Liu
    (MS 2013-2015)

    Yanchang Li (MS 2010-2012)
    Thesis: Effect of the partial oxidation of methanol
    on surface morphology and structure
    of Cu based nano-catalysts

    Daizhao Li (MS 2011-2013)
    Thesis: A DFT study of oxygen
    adsorption on stepped Cu(210)
    and Cu(511) and comparison with
    the case of Ag(210) and Ag(511)

    Min-Young Jang (MS 2009-2011)
    Thesis: Microscopy study of the corrosion
    of prestressing strand steel
    Present: Samsung

    Rediola Mema (MS 2009-2011)
    Thesis: Effect of surface stress
    and morphology modification
    on cupric oxide nanowire growth
    in the thermal oxidation of Cu

    Dr. Congkang Xu (2009-2010)
    Research Scientist

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