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Outreach Activities

Heat Transfer thru Additive Manufacturing

As part of our NSF CAREER award, Arad, Matt,  Ashlee, and I have designed an outreach called “Heat Transfer Thru Additive Manufacturing,” which contains modules to teach K-12 students about the concepts of thermal conductivity, convection, radiation.  One module makes use of 3d printers that print  a plastic that changes color with  temperature.  Another module has students learn about thermal conductivity by seeing their body heat spread through different materials with a thermal camera.  The mode of radiation heat transfer  is also introduced in the context of how the thermal camera and laser metal printer work.  This activity has been brought to several schools through the Binghamton Promise Summer Camps (eg Harpursville, Johnson City, Whitney Point), as well as at the University-Community Mall Day.  
Heat transfer thru Additive Manufacturing, fun with thermal cameraHeat transfer thru Additive Manufacturing, fun with thermal camera

Understanding Adsorption thru Filtration

 Morteza, Rebecca, Yingchun, and I developed an outreach activity to show students how adsorption works.  This activity involves students building their own activated carbon water filters and testing their effectiveness with food coloring dyed water.  The concepts of adsorption and the applications to separation processes and energy efficient air conditioning and heating are introduced.  
Morteza helping students with adsorption outreach activity
Yingchun, Morteza, Rebecca, and Scott - Adsorption Outreach
Department of Mechanical Engineering