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The Nano-Micro Thermal Group is pursing research in the areas of  additive manufacturing, thermal metrology, and energy storage.  

The lab was started in January 2016 by Scott N. Schiffres (Principal Investigator).  

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Our team is excited to be awarded a 2022 NIST Metal AM grant in collaboration with Guangwen Zhou and Srikanth Rangarajan. I would also like to thank team members including Nick, Arad, and Xiaobo.

August 5, 2022: Kunal Dixit's MS Thesis Defense

July 2022: SUNY Research Foundation Technology Accelerator Fund Awarded to our team relating to nondestructive testing during additive manufacturing.         

May 2022: Congrats to class of 2022, especially graduates from my group, Matt Heitner (MS), and Arad Azizi (PhD).

March 2022: Contrats to Zechen for the Provost's Summer Award


December 2021: Congrats to Nick Tomasello on his successful MS defense.

October 2021: Congrats to Arad for winning best student poster during the ES2 technical advisory board meeting. 

September 2021: Presents at the NSF Heating Up, Cooling Down: Thermal Issues in Climate Change, Virtual workshop hosted by Rice Univ.   

July 2021: Invited talk at TMPES 

January 2021: Scott is quoted in healthline.


December 2020/January 2021: Morteza, Arad, and Scott presents virtual posters at NSF's Thermal Frontiers Workshop.

December 2020: Congratulations to Morteza on his PhD defense.

 Morteza PhD Defense

August 2020: Kunal Dixit joins the group.

July 2020: In collaboration with our partners Intuitive Surigical foundation, we released a pre-print of our work on improvised mask filtration and pressure drop performance. Our manuscript was cited in recent CDC guidance.

May 2020: Welcoming Natalia Basauldo, who will be doing an LSAMP REU internship on improvised mask testing with our group.

May 2020: Congratulations to Rebecca on her MS defense and her new job as an R&D Leadership Program Associate.

March 2020: Jacob, Xiabo, Arad, Matthias, Peter (UMD), and Guangwen's paper on the "Influence of processing and microstructure on the local and bulk thermal conductivity of selective laser melted 316L stainless steel." was recently accepted to Additive Manufacturing.

Vahideh and Hiep present their papers at Semi-Therm 2020.    


December 2019: Morteza, Rebecca, and Anibal's paper titled "Adsorption transparency of supported graphene" was just published in Carbon.  

September 2019: Yingchun, Morteza and Rebecca's paper titled "Thermodynamic limits of adsorption heat pumps: A facile method of comparing adsorption pairs" was just published in Applied Thermal Engineering.  

August 2019: Arad, Benson Chan (IEEC), Scott Moser (E&IP), and Scott Schiffres complete the National Science Foundation's I-Corps bootcamp.

July 2019: Congrats to Matthias on his MS thesis titled "Thermal Anisotropy of Cu3Sn"!

May 2019: Congrats to Jacob on his MS thesis titled "Influence of Processing and Microstructure on the Thermal Conductivity of Selective Laser Melted 316L Stainless Steel"!

May 2019: Arad presents paper on "Additive Laser Metal Deposition Onto Silicon for Enhanced Microelectronics Cooling"  at the 2019 IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) in Las Vegas, NV.  

May 2019: Scott presents invited tech talk at 2019 ITherm.  

April 2019: Morteza presents "Adsorption Transparency of Supported Graphene to Water Molecules", Arad presents "Laser Metal Additive Manufacturing onto Silicon," and Scott presents Jacob's recent work on "Optimizing Process Parameters in Selective Laser Melting to Alter Thermal Conductivity" and Matthias' work on  "Thermal Conductivity of Cu3Sn" at the MRS Fall Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

February 2019: Scott recently received an NSF CAREER award for a project titled "Intermetallic Interfacial Thermal Transport for Advanced Electronics Manufacturing".  

January 2019: Our lab recently received two SRC grants in collaboration with Prof. Bahgat Sammakia and Prof. SB Park.

January 2019: Our research on direct laser metal printing onto silicon has been featured in several trade publications: ACM, Electronics Cooling, Network World, Electropages, RackSolutions.

January 2019: Scott participates in the American Society for Engineering Education's 2019 National Effective Teaching Institute (ASEE NETI 1A) workshop in San Diego, CA.

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