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MEMS and NEMS Characterization and Motion Laboratory

The MEMS and NEMS Characterization and Motion Laboratory hosts and has access to variety of experimental equipments and devices that enable the characterization of micro- and nano-scale structures and devices. These include MEMS vibration and topology measurement system: Polytec MSA-400 Micro System Analyzer, Ultra-high frequency UHF120 (up to 1.2 GHz) laser Doppler vibrometer, Wyko Profilometers, SEM, AFM, Nanoindenter, laser vibrometers, shakers and shaker tables with controllers, custom-made vacuum-chamber-pressure systems for measuring squeeze-film damping effects in MEMS, drop tables, and labVIEW and Siglab DSP data acquisition systems. The laboratory also contains the state-of-the-art computational capabilities, such as the multi-physics finite-element software ANSYS, COMSOL, MATLAB, MATHMATICA, and FORTRAN, beside assortment of high-speed computers and workstations.

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Last Updated: 11/5/12