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2017 News

2017. 12. 8 -  Many news agencies highlighted our work on textile-based biobatteries. The media outlets include Sciencedaily, Techxplore, NEWSWISEand many others.

2017. 11. 20 -  Our article, "Power-on-paper: Origami-inspired Fabrication of 3-D microbial fuel cells" has been accepted by Renewable Energy.

2017. 11. 17 - Dr. Choi gave an invited talk at the University of New Hampshire.

2017. 11. 7 - Dr. Choi attended the IEEE NIH 2017 Conference and made two research presentations on the point-of-care diagnostic sensors.

2017. 10. 26 - We made 7 presentations at the MicroTas 2017 conference (From the left in the picture, Lin, Gihoon (former group member), Maedeh, Mehdi, and Yang).

2017. 10. 19 - Many news agencies highlighted our work on the micro-scale bio-solar cells. The media outlets include Sciencedaily, Scicasts, EurekAlertEnergy Harvesting Journal and many others.

2017. 10. 17 - Dr. Choi has been invited as a speaker for the Second Annual Summit on Science Enablement for the Sustainable Development Goals (Sponsored by the New York Academy of Science), Oct. 17th, 2017, New York.

2017. 10. 6 - Our article, "Self-sustainabile, high-power-density bio-solar cells for lab-on-a-chip applications," has been accepted by Lab Chip.

2017. 9. 25 - Our article, "Flexible and Stetchable Microbial Fuel Cells," has been accepted by Biosensors and Bioelectronics.

2017. 9. 20 - Our article, "Flexible and Stetchable Biobatteris in a Textile Layer," has been accepted by the prestigious journal, Advanced Energy Materials (Impact Factor 16.721).

2017. 9. 19 - Many news agencies highlighted our work on the glucose sensor. The media outlets include Phys.ORG, Sciencedaily, Wareable, Biospace, and many others.

2017. 8. 28 -  Congrats! Eunyoung's paper on the glucose sensors has been published as a VIP Feature Article in Micromachines (MDPI) and featured on front cover.

2017. 8. 21 -  Our saliva-based biobattery has been selected as one of 7 diagnostic devices to boost healthcare in the developing world.

2017. 8. 14 - University Magazine (2017 Summer) featured our research group.

2017. 8. 14 - Many news agencies highlighted our work on saliva-based biobatteries, published in Advanced Materials Technologies. The media outlets include Fox News, Sciencedaily, Popular Mechanics, IFLScience, Electronics360, and many others.

2017. 8. 7 -  Congratulations to Sumiao Pang for passing her M.S. Defense!

2017. 8. 3 -  Dr. Choi becomes the Associate Editor of the Biomaterial section of Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology.

2017. 7. 9 -  BU Daily Photo featured Bryanna Brown.

2017. 7. 7 -  Seven papers have been accepted for presentations at MicroTAS 2017 Conference.

2017. 7. 6 -  Congrats! Yang's paper on the bacterial sensing array has been accepted for publication in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology.

2017. 6. 19 -  Congrats! Maedeh's paper on paper-based biobatteries has been accepted for publication in a new sistor journal of Adv. Mat., Advanced Materials Technologies.

2017. 6. 15 - New York State's Empire State Development highlighted our research group.  

2017. 6. 13 - Dr. Choi, sole PI of a proposed grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF), has been awarded $315,000.

2017. 6.  7 - Our high school student, Kendra Zhang, who have worked on paper-based biobatteries, won high awards in many research competition including Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (1st), Long Island Science & Engineering Fair (1st), New York State Science & Engineering Fair (2nd), Long Island Science Congress (Highest Honors), and WAC Lighting Foundation Invitational Science Fair (2nd).

2017. 5. 30 - NSF REU and BU LSAMP Summer Research Programs Start ! (We welcome Alexa and Bryanna)

2017. 5. 25 - Dr. Choi (PI) serves as a Guest Editor for special issue "Bio-batteries" in Batteries (MDPI, ISSN 2313-0105).

2017. 4. 27 - Dr. Choi (PI), collaborating with Dr. Koh (Co-PI), received 2017-2018 Smart Energy TAE Seed Grant Award ($15,000).

2017. 3. 26 - A BU video clip featured our group.

2017. 3. 26 - Many news agencies highlight our work on biological solar cells, published in Journal of Power Sources. The media outlets include Phys.org, Sciencedaily, ScienceNewsline, Electronicproducts, Healthmedicinet, and many others.

2017. 3. 2 - A Journal article accepted (Journal of Power Sources) - "Biological Solar Cells"

2017. 1. 30 - Our work has been reported by Smithsonian.


2017. 1. 22~26 - Maedeh, Mehdi, Eunyoung presented their work at the IEEE MEMS 2017. Maedeh's work has been selected as a finalist paper for one of the best paper contests.