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Welcome to the Bioelectronics & Microsystems Laboratory (BML) in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at SUNY Binghamton. We are interested in conducting research at the interface of engineering and biology. We engineer BioMEMS and Microfluidics to develop cutting-edge technologies for chemical/biological analysis and energy harvesting. Our lab maintain, operate, and modernize shared research and education infrastructures of the Center for Research in Advanced Sensing Technologies and Environmental Sustainability (CREATES).


Latest Top News !!

2023. 3. 22 Anwar has received the Graduate Student Excellence Award for 2023.

2022. 12. 8 Our article on Ingestible Biobatteries has been published in Adv. Energy Mat.

2022. 9. 10 Two papers have been accepted for presentations at PowerMEMS 2022.

2022. 6. 10 We received the Best Paper Award at Hilton Head Workshop.

2022. 5. 13 Congratulations to Mya for the ECE research award and the Katie Root Award!!

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