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Binghamton University Supermileage

Fuel injector is in!

  • It took a month and a half but the fuel/air injector is in!
  • Fabricating mount and modifying the block for all of the sensors
  • Thank you High-Gain Tuning for all the advice!
  • Fuel/Air injector from Aprilia 50cc scooter (cutaway from High Gain)

    Oakdale Mall Car Show 2011

  • Raised community awareness of our project
  • Met a lot of people who wanted to help us out
  • Raised money for the project
  • Pictures from the show

    Front Axle Work

  • Changed from full axle steering to Ackerman angle steering
  • Fabricated custom knuckles and C-Joints
  • Locked axle in place
  • Chris chopping off the tabs

    Get Involved!

  • Weekly report meetings are in the ME Confrence room Wednesdays at 11am. All are welcome
  • Team meetings Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the student shop at 1:30pm
  • If you are interested in helping out email us at
  • Milk is good for you!
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